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About Us

Advancing the science of stem cell technology

Biostar is a family of leading stem cell companies of the United States, South Korea and Japan, specializing in research and development of therapeutic agents for diseases with damaged cells and incurable diseases and in providing stem cell banking service for future treatment of diseases using adult tissue-derived stem cells. We have standardized the proprietary technology of stem cell separation and expansion from a small amount of fat tissue and have established the manufacturing process in massive stem cell production.


Biostar Family Companies

Stemcellbio in the United States

Nature Cell in South Korea

JASC in Japan



Biostar continuously strives to make a great contribution to health and happiness of mankind, and to conquer incurable diseases through research and development of adult tissue-derived stem cells.

Stem Cell Beauty

Dr. Jucre Cosmetics

Dr. Jucre cosmetics is designed with Biostar’s stem cell technology. It contains 1% -5% Lipotein— a kind of protein produced when adipocyte is cultivated. Lipotein consists of over 150 kinds of growth factors. Dr. Jucre cosmetics targets whitening, skin elasticity, brightness, anti-wrinkle, and moisturization to keep skin looking youthful and healthy. Dr. Jucre products are made to be used on a daily basis, from cleansing to moisturizing.



Biostar Hygiene Products